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Touch Rugby Terms & Conditions

Data Posted: 11 April

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Parental consent for participation

Permission for photographs to be taken

Dear Parent / Guardian,

You or your child has expressed an interest for them to participate in a touch rugby taster session at
Parsons Green on May 18th 2013, as part of a promotional activity by Thomas Pink, and The British
& Irish Lions.

We would be grateful if you would read the following and sign, giving your permission for your
child to participate and for any photographs taken of your child to be used for any of the following

Local press
National press
Point-of-Sale material including posters
e-media such as websites

By agreeing to these terms and conditions document you confirm;

That you give your consent for your child to participate in this touch rugby activity
That you understand it is Touch Rugby and that you have made the child aware that Touch
Rugby rules apply, not those of rugby
That your child is medically fit to take part. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to
inform the Organisers or the Activity Leader of any relevant medical condition &/or previous
injuries which may affect the child’s safe participation in the activity
They are between the ages of 11 and 14
you understand that you remain responsible for your child while they attend the activity
That you are aware there are no changing facilities at the venue and participants should
arrive ready to participate
You are aware that there are no child care provisions at the venue and that you do not hold
Thomas Pink or it’s appointed representatives in “loco parentis”, i.e. responsible for your
child, during the times of the activity.

Thomas Pink and their appointed representatives have taken reasonable measures to ensure the
activity is safe for your child. A First Aider will be in attendance together with a level 2 CRB checked
organiser’s representative.

First Aid Plan

The wellbeing of those playing is of paramount importance to us; we want our players to be playing
touch in a safe environment and for them to know that on the rare occasion an injury does occur
they are well looked after.

Touch carries a low risk of injury however we want all participants to know that there is someone on
site at a centre to assist should something happen.