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A Fact from Our Shirt Lab: When did we start wearing Ties and why?

Date Posted: 19 March

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The neck-tie is steeped in tradition, dating back as far as 1618 with Croatian mercenaries – the name ‘Cravat’ taking influence from ‘Croat’.

Arousing interest from Parisians, well-known for their fanciful appearance, the knotted neckerchief was adopted into a clear fashion statement.

Due to the versatility of the garment and how it could be worn, publications of how to tie knots in different ways emerged during the 19th Century along with a new wave of styles.

The most popular knot widely worn today is the Windsor knot as well as the half Windsor knot and the four-hand knot.

If you are looking for some exemplary inspiration or a demonstration of how to tie a knot correctly you are welcome to visit