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A Fact From Our Shirt Lab: The Cutaway Collar Explained

Date Posted: 24 January

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Here at Thomas Pink, the cutaway collar has established itself as a firm favourite with our customers. One of the most renowned advocates of this style was The Duke of Kent (1902-1942) and was the first public figure to bring the style to the attention of the mainstream.


Although they provide a bold look with or without a tie, the wider spread facilitates a space for the tie to be noticed. Often popular is the full Windsor knot as this provides a full knot for the wider space. Whilst the more conventional (and altogether simpler) four-in-hand knot also is fine, we would advise against some of the fat bulky knots that may be tied in order to fill the space.

Unlike a regular button-down collar shirt or a regular dress shirt collar, the two points of a cutaway collar are spread apart, angling back toward the neck rather than down. The distance between the two collar points varies.

At Thomas Pink we have a wide selection of Cutaway coloured shirts from which to decide how wide a space is right for you:


The Semi Cutaway,


The Cutaway


The Extreme Cutaway.