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Fab Four Collection is simply ‘Something’ – Thomas Pink launches Beatles range

Date Posted: 05 September

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An eye-catching collection of bold shirts in bright colours and delightful, flamboyant prints inspired by The Beatles has been launched by luxury shirt maker, Thomas Pink, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of arguably the worlds’ greatest ever band.

The collection centres on the individual style of each Beatle, from the Paisley printed silk ruffle of The Lennon through to the Yellow Submarine printed design of The Starr.

“To celebrate such a landmark anniversary,  it seems perfectly fitting for us to pay tribute to their individual style,” said Thomas Pink’s Creative Director Florence Torrens.

The full collection includes…

The Lennon: A printed paisley silk ruffle shirt inspired by original styles worn by the legendary John Lennon as well as cotton ruffle shirts in dark green, deep pink and white with subtle paisley detailing inside the collar.

The McCartney: Simple block colours of blue and charcoal and two striped Winchesters, all featuring McCartney inspired button collars.

The Starr: A printed cotton shirt inspired by Beatles artwork for Yellow Submarine. The Starr is also available in plain navy or white with subtle print detailing on the inside of the shirt. Both feature the ‘spaced out’ button style favoured by Ringo.

The Harrison: Elongated pointed collars in plain white and blue/white stripe, as favoured by the man behind magical songs such as ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

All shirts feature one of the fab four’s faces designed into the top button of each shirt. The collection also includes socks in three colours (pink, green, blue) each featuring the faces of the Fab Four.

The Fab Four Collection will be in London’s flagship Jermyn Street Store as well as Sloane Street and Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5 from September 2013.




Shirts £135

Waistcoats £195